Wednesday, October 27

Zoey Holloway N Samantha Grace In Vintage Lingerie

Zoey Holloway and I have a habit of having a kinky good time together. We love dressing up in our best lingerie and having a sexy lesbian romp. We wear the best clothing to remove. Bra's, panties, garter belts, black stockings, thick sun tan vintage stockings with Cuban heels and seams, and our shiny high heels. We start off by teasing and flirting a bit, then dig right into the playful and sensual tickling. This is the tickling that foreplay is all about. The light tingle up Zoey's skirt, that makes her wet and turned on. Makes her reach for my breasts and tickle my nipples some. Zoey's tickles are very sensual because we know Zoey's intentions are getting into my panties. But my intentions go a little... further. I love inflicting a bit of torment in my tickles. I also love to hear Zoey laughing. I know her laughter just turns her on more. Makes her panties soaking wet. See what happens when Zoey and I play and get kinky. Who will have the wettest panties and the most worked over breasts? See how we cannot resist each other.

Monday, August 9

Nurses Samantha Grace N Anastasia Pierce Get Kinky

Anastasia Pierce and I are in our kinkiest nurse's uniforms. We are wearing PVC and very tall red boots. We both have stethoscopes and cannot resist pulling each others big perky boobs out and give a listen to each of our hearts. They are beating fast because we are so aroused by each other. We fondle each others breasts, squeeze and play with them. We lustfully kiss each other and cuddle in a playful way. We are having a lustful time, but it would be even better if you joined us.

Sunday, July 4

Bound Babe Samantha Grace Vibes Her Tied Up Twat!

I am sitting in my beautiful chaise lounge chair in my sexy mini skirt and tight top. I've been waiting for you all day to come home. I've wanted nothing more but for you to tie me up, gag me, and bring to orgasm with my magic wand. I beg you to tie me up. Which you do. You tie my breasts so tightly with hemp rope. My arms behind my back in a box tie. Then my legs into a frog tie. You even tie some rope on my feet. You do some sexy foot bondage on my feet. Securing them, knowing how much I love rope on my feet. Once I am tied tightly. You secure the big red ball gag in my mouth. Then you tie my magic wand in place. You pull up my skirt to reveal my satin red panties. You leave my panties on and place my magic wand in just the right spot. You bring me to orgasms. Knowing how much I love being bound, gagged and cumming. Photographer- Julie Simone

Tuesday, June 15

Hosed Office Slut Samantha Grace In Sexy Lingerie!

I'm dressed for a little sexy office play. I'm a powerful business lady. With powerful legs to match. High heels that clack with power when I walk in the room. A sound you eagerly wait for. My skirt is a little too short. My panties flash at any movement. You can see the outline of my bush and the plump flesh of my round cheeks. Of course the endless length of my legs. Legs you can't help but desire. Running a hand up. I tease in front of the mirror. Posing knowing you are peaking up my skirt and loving that my pink panties are sheer. I pull my top down and my pretty plaid bra. My bra is much too small. My nipples peak out as pink mountains of lush flesh. I remove the dress. I am standing in my lingerie. Smile at you and bending in the mirror doing what I love doing, teasing you. Unfortunately, at this time in the cam show, my camera malfunctioned. Only the first half was photographed.

Upskirt Babe Samantha Grace Shows Her Body On Cam!

This dress is something else. it was designed for nip slips. It's why I call this set A Nip Slip Cam Show. Get the play on words? My nipples and breast pour out of this sexy top whenever I move. So, without even trying my breasts are endlessly slipping. It gives the show an extra naughty vibe. You feel as if you are peaking on something you shouldn't be. The way I bend over in the mirror. You cannot help but enjoy my sweet cheeks. I give my cheeks a little paddling. Then I find a cane for a little bastinado. I also put on a nice leg and foot show. We cannot forget sexy upskirt views. Lot's of fun flashing. My bum turned a nice shade of cherry.

Monday, May 10

Hot Samantha Grace & Jean Bardot In Surgical Masks

It's my first day on the job. I come into the hospital for uniform inspection. I am dressed in my latex dress, stockings, panties, gloves, hat, surgical mask and high heels. I'm complete and ready for the job. Doctor Jean Bardot comes in to tease me with her tight fitting rubber uniform, corset and tall red boots. Goodness is Doctor Jean hot! Little did I expect my boss to be such a babe! Little do I know, on the job training will be a bit different then expected. Dr. Jean Bardot is a rather hands on and horny doctor. She inspects me more on the medical table. Running her latex covered gloves up and down. Checking out to see if my panties are on correctly. She wants to be sure my breasts are nice and perky. She pulls them out and gives them a good feel. Dr. Bardot wants me to be her perfect nurse. She informs me with her training she expects perfection.

Monday, April 12

Sexy Samantha Grace Strips Out of Her USA Bikini

It's my special 4th of July show. To get in the mood for the celebration I am wearing my sexy American flag style bikini. I start the show off with a little flirting and teasing. I quickly bring out a Firecracker Popsicle. I eat this popsicle in a very suggestive and teasing manner. Licking and sucking, pressing my warm lips gently as it melts a little on my cleavage. Since I am so turned on. I continue teasing you by playing around with different erotic angles in the mirror. I move my butt very close to the cam to give you a nice peak of my butt. I move to bring it close to my pussy, giving you a delightful cameltoe. I really flirt with you hard. I also, tease with my toes and feet. While giving you an extremely hot view of my pussy. This show, I get extremely creative with the camera angles.